Raster vs Vector

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Raster Charts

A raster chart (RNC) is a direct copy or scan of an existing paper chart. Raster charts look identical to paper charts. All information contained within the chart is printed directly on it. What you see is what you get. When zooming in and out of a raster chart everything on the chart grows larger or smaller. When rotating a raster chart every thing on the chart rotates.

Vector Charts

A vector chart (ENC) is a series of points and lines that make up the features on a chart. Vector charts look computer generated. Details on the chart can be turned on and off. Objects on the chart can be clicked on to learn more details. Depths can be monitored to warn beforegrounding. When zooming in and out of a vector chart only the geographical features grow larger or smaller where text keeps it’s same size and orientation. Vector charts lack most topographical features.