NavX for Mac

NEW: X-Traverse for Mac is now NavX for Mac.

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Requires OS X 10.7 or later. Current version 3.67.

Plot Waypoints with GPSNavX or MacENC and Transfer to iNavX
NavX for Mac allows waypoints and routes to be uploaded to a Fugawi (formerly X-Traverse) account by dropping GPX or KML files on its main window. Once uploaded the waypoints can be transferred to the iNavX iPhone/iPad app. Waypoints groups and routes from GPSNavX and MacENC may also be dropped on NavX for Mac to upload to your account.

Download Charts for use with GPSNavX or MacENC
Using NavX for Mac, selected maps and charts purchased at Fugawi (formerly X-Traverse) may be activated and downloaded for use in GPSNavX and MacENC. In addition the free NOAA Raster Charts can be downloaded.

No CD’s to be mailed. No complicated registration. Selected Marine charts can also be used in iNavX at no additional expense.

Note: Charts loaded in MacENC, GPSNavX or iNavX may be used indefinitely without regard to expiration.