Comments from GPSNavX™ & MacENC™ users...

"Just finished a four-day cruise around Casco Bay on my 38' lobster yacht Trooper using MacENC as my primary navigation tool. Congratulations on creating the best, most intuitive, and best featured navigation tool I've used in my 15+ years of boating. We're using interfaces to Digital Yacht AIS and Actisense repeaters to give me most any data available on the boat right on my screen. MacENC helped me navigate through 1/10th mile visibility fog around some tricky rocks and obstacles with great confidence."


"MacENC has been of more value that my built-in B & G chartplotter which cost 10 times more than MacENC. Your support continues to be excellent."


"Not only do you have an outstanding product but your service is second to none!"


"I recently installed MacENC and had a series of questions about the installation of charts and about getting a GPS receiver to work. I emailed GPSNavX for help and could hardly believe the response. Not only were my questions answered but they were answered quickly--probably less than a minute elapsed between the time I submitted my question and received a clear, concise, and complete answer...and these questions were asked on three different days! Great job, GPSNavX...I'm impressed!"


"The money I spent to buy MacENC is the best I've ever spent on navigation (other than on my sextant). Thank you so much for the continued effort to make a great product even more wonderful."


"Thanks, Keep up the great work. I have tried most PC based programs and find your program offers as much more for a lot less. I hope you stay in business a long time."


"Just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for your excellent support and service. Every time I asked a question, the reply was quick and solved the problem. Other companies should learn from you. Thank you."


"The MacENC program is an incredible value, excellent performer, and is incredibly easy to learn. I used it extensively in the Pensacola, Florida area in February with a Palm bluetooth gps receiver and a Garmin Etrex Legend coupled to the recommended USB to serial adapter and I couldn't be happier."


"Thanks again, so much--you guys have the best customer service. It's worth having an Apple just to be able to use your software."


"You guys are awesome. This chart software is second to none, beats the pants off the other one I got frustrated using on my boat. No more fiddling with hard to read small windows and clunky software for me. gpsnavx is the right stuff. Thanks for making my day."


"Just a brief note to thank you once again for the great GPSNavX program. Been using it all the way down the coast from SF. The AIS feature was worth its weight in gold as we were leaving the Bay Area in the fog!"


"Just got home from a four month trip to Maine. Your software made the trip safe & comfortable. It always worked and never let me down. Thanks for a great product!"


"Just got my newest Practical Sailor and wanted to add to the chorus of congratulations on your excellent product and its review. Practical Sailor has always seemed to have a soft spot for Macs and they were (properly) enthusiastic at what you had done for the Mac community. As a sailor and Mac enthusiast, I'm sorry that I didn't know about your product until a month or two ago, but I certainly tell people about it now. MacENC's flawless operation and your superb support have given me an excellent chart plotter far earlier than I would have imagined. So, well done. We all wish you continued success and hope that the products continue to stream to us all."


"I just must tell you how well MacENC just worked on its maiden voyage. Holy smokes, it did just as you said!
My Garmin 76, once configured to NMEA (as per instructions) linked easily and every time. The charting features were superb."


"You've got a great program. GPSNavX has taken me several thousand miles now- all over the Puget Sound to Sitka and return. Using the program in concert with the BU-353 GPS makes a very accurate and trustworthy tool. Keep at it!"


"I took my iBook with MacENC on it sailing with me last week. Wow was I impressed. It worked great for me and I am very pleased with it."


"I recently purchased MacGPS Pro. After working with MacGPS Pro for ten minutes, I decided that I did not like the user interface at all, and discovered, too late, MacENC. I have run the trial download, and found MacENC much more to my liking."


"Very nice software package. Keep it up. In the world of Macs you are truly unusual, a bargain price for high quality software and excellent support."


"After struggling to make GPSy a viable marine navigation solution, I found GPSNavX for OS X. It is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!"


"I have both GPSNavX and MacENC and I have just finished bringing my 42 foot trawler from South Carolina to Panama while using GPSNavX as my primary planning and charting program connected to a Rayming TN200. I had used "The Capn" on a PC but there is no comparison as to the ease of use of your program. It works flawlessly and does its work with no unnecessary or frivolous features.


"Thanks! It works great. I really love love this app. We've used it for a great deal of route planning for our Alaska trips this summer for our small cruise ship M/V David B."


"Your MacENC software worked great with my Mac laptop and Garmin GPS - just come back from cruising our boat in the BVI in the Caribbean - excellent product. thanks."


"Can't say enough about the software. My wife and I brought our boat from the Tampa Bay area down to Ft. Myers, through the Okeechobee cut, and up the East Coast of Florida with the software. We use paper charts also and find you really need both to operate safely. The GPSnavX software comes in really handy in areas where the channel is not defined on paper charts. Congratulations on a great product."


"Thank you so much for offering a Universal version of MacENC so promptly. I just received my new iMac Intel so it was quite a pleasure to already have my favorite application working so well on my new computer!".


"I appreciate your wonderful software and all the cool features. I'm really thankful for you guys. You've saved me at least $1000 dollars over some silly Garmin system with stupid Blue Charts!"


"You folks offer an unbeatable complete marine navigation solution with GPSNavX, Maptech Charts DVD and USB GPS for a very affordable price."


"I recently purchased GPSNavX after experimenting with the demo version for several days (going back and forth on a BC Ferries between Victoria and Vancouver, B.C. Canada). I really enjoy using your program and am pleased to support your company. As an aside, having the demo version was critical in my decision to purchase your software as it really gave me a chance to check it out and try out its features. One feature that I really like is the SIMULATE mode which allows me to learn how to use your software without having to actually be moving or connected to a GPS receiver. Thanks."


"I love your GPSNavX program and used it throughout the spring, summer, and fall for cruising on the Chesapeake. It's simply awesome!"


"I have MacENC with the BU-353 USB GPS unit and it works beautifully with my iBook on our boat."


"After some testing of Navimaq [for OS X], having used in the past year both GPSNavX and MacGPS Pro, I can now answer to your inquiry that NavimaQ definitely ranks last, while GPSNavX has the best user friendly interface."


"I bought GPSNavX last week and we used it for the first time yesterday on a salmon fishing trip to Duxbury Buoy and surrounds. It worked perfectly. We love it. It was pretty rough yesterday - 20 kts of wind and 6' seas (that's rough for salmon fishing) but having the controls like the zoom in and zoom out just simple key strokes, not complicated mouse/trackpad clicks was easy on the bumpy sea."


"I just downloaded my GPSNavX to my Mac and I can't tell you how much I love this program. I live on an island in SE Alaska, so navigational programs are not a luxury but a necessity. For that reason, I have kept a miserable PC for years and put up with the ludicrous Evil Empire operating systems. As you may know, SE Alaska is filled with hazards to navigation and the [Windows] PC seems to know when you are in a tight spot, so it can crash. The tighter the spot, the longer it takes to recover. Your program is a breeze to operate and the clarity of the Raster charts is improved over the PC. I have waited a long time for this and I really appreciate your efforts."


"By the way .... GPSNavX is a great product ... we used it crossing Atlantic and sailing down Iberian pennisula. We will be in Med for at least 2 years after wintering in Cadiz, Spain and believe it will completely satisfy our needs. Mr. Tides is a great adjunct. GPSNavX works flawlessly -- unbelievable bang for the buck. I use it and a Yeoman chart plotter with Bellingham charts as backup. GPSNavX currently uses Maptech charts (which are Admiralty charts). Feel free to use me as a recommendation."


"I wanted to tell you that I used my PowerBook and the GPSNavX program on my trip to Half Moon Bay this Labor Day weekend. Everything worked great. I uploaded my way points to my RayNav 300 before I left. It was very easy to do. I Used the computer to moniter my trip and all the data from the boat showed up on the computer. I'm very pleased with the results."


"I just returned from a two week cruise in the Canadian Gulf Islands. As a Florida resident, I planned the entire trip, 172 waypoints, 9 routes and 400NM using GPSNavX and executed the trip without a hitch. In fact, my IBOOK with GPS antenna was my primary navigation tool, I used the onboard Raytheon plotter for its radar only."


"Used your software to navigate across the columbia river bar at night, then all the way up the coast and around Cape Flattery. Then through the fog at night. Worked fantastic-- loved the user friendly nature of the software."


"You folks (and your software) are fabulous! I can't believe the rate of updates you publish. My wife and I gave the software our first real test in a 14 mile trip through moderate to very dense fog. We were so relieved to know where we were and to see those buoys and landmarks appear out of the fog right on cue was relief and delight. I should add that my wife, who is not terrible computer literate, figured out the software pretty much on her own while underway in the fog. While not an ideal learning situation, it is a great testimony to the quality of your product. Thanks."


"I have to add, that your prompt, efficient response has been the best support experience I've ever had from any software company. But then, GPSNavX is pretty rare, too -- near perfect software that works on a Mac at an affordable price."


"Once again thanks so much for all your instantaneous and cordial advice - you should win a NMEA Award for service alone!"


"Once again thank you very much for your terrific support."


"Downloaded and tested the updated GPSNavX with Mr. Tides Integration over the weekend. Thank you for continuing to update this already fine program. It is one of the best values in navigation software on any platform."


"Thank you. I just got back from a trip to the Cayman Islands, your software worked great! In fact, I left your contact info with the scuba dive operators because my GPS system was better than theirs!"


"I have just got home from a two day trip away on our Nicholson 31. Even though we were in very familiar waters, GPSNavX v3.28 ran brilliantly on our new iBook with Tiger installed. And even though we are getting more used to these sort of things these days, it is still amazing to see the little boat icon move along in real time over the chart! I just thought I would drop you a quick line to say how pleased & impressed I am with your software. Keep up the good work."


"Have tested accuracy of radar targets and marker. Works accurately and very well."


"I just finished motoring my 42' trawler from Georgetown, SC to Miami, FL and used GPSNavX with the Rayming GPS with UBS connection and was amazed at how well the combination worked."


"As a matter of fact your program is so good and the price is very comprehensive, so I have passed the word to a whole bunch of people, and some of them has bought it as a result of that."


"Thanks! It was wonderful meeting you and your wife at the boat show. We appreciate all the time you spent with us, answering questions, solving little problems, tips, etc. We hope you sold a lot of software!"


"Let me compliment you on a really nice product."


"I Just finished planning a 14 day cruise using your software and I must commend you; it is very intuitive, user friendly and seemingly bug free."


"I've told You that Your program is the stuff an Apple user wants to see: easy to learn, underestandable, easy to use, nice user interface, nice graphics and so on. There is no comparison with the "old dog" MacGPS Pro, where the user interface seems to be from the last century."


"Last April with my laptop in hand I helped a friend deliver his boat north from BVI to Maine via Bermuda.  This was a well equipped boat with a chart plotter and the works.  After clearing customs in Portland at about 2200 we continued on up the coast to the St. George River.  The weather closed in on us to the extent that the pointy end could not be seen because of the fog. Your system ended up being the one we all relied upon most to pick our way through the craggy Maine coat safely and without incident.  GPSNavX is a great product! Great support!"


"I want to compliment you on your software. Have been able to connect to my Furuno 1722C Radar/plotter's GPS with no difficulty at all. We have had the occasion to actually try it out on the bay here. The Furuno is talking with GPSNavX just fine and the plotting is excellent regardless whether GSNavX is connected to the Furuno GPS or the Rayming GPS."


"Used GPSNavX™ in the Caribbean for 2 weeks. Awesome! The program coupled with the Rayming Antenna worked flawlessly. I highly recommend your program to any Mac user."

"I will continue to be a loyal supporter. Please keep up the good work developing your software."


"While bare-boating in the BVI last November (2003), we had the misfortune of facing five continuous days of VERY heavy rain (28 inches in just three days). I sail BVI frequently, and it's quite simple to navigate visually. I had purchased GPSNavX just before the trip simply to experiment with and to mark dive spots for future reference. "

"In the run of foul weather, we lay at anchor for two uncomfortable days/nights off Spanish Town (east shore of Virgin Gorda) in very rough water. During a lull in the weather, we decided to make a run for a protected anchorage in Gorda Sound. Just as we rounded Mosquito Island, making for the cut into the Sound, the rain started again, limiting visibility to less than 50 yards. The distance between Mosquito and Prickley Pear Islands entering Gorda Sound is 0.8NM, but the channel is only 300-400 feet wide, with exposed reefs on either side. Our first thought was that we should hove to and wait for the rain to lighten enough to see the channel marker. But considering the weather over the previous few days, we had no idea how long that might take, nor how far off our mark we'd be blown in the process. Since NavGPS had been extremely accurate so far, I decided to trust it to find the channel marker. Cautiously moving forward and keeping a close eye on the depth sounder, we inched our way to the marker. Sure enough, when the marker appeared, it was 40-50 yards dead off the bow. Once through the narrow channel and into protected waters, we dropped the hook for a much more relaxed night."

"These were very unusual weather conditions for BVI in November, and GPSNavX saved us considerable hardship, if not a serious grounding. Thanks for a great application!"


"GPSNavX™ is far and away the best GPS program out there for the Mac. I used to use MacGPS Pro but have stopped using it in favor of GPSNavX™. Keep up the great work, GPSNavX™ is a very good product which I have watched get better and better."

s/v Liberty

"I've been waiting for a Mac X navigation program to come along. Now I can upgrade to the Powerbook I've been wanting and trash my old PC notebook and Capn' program."

M/V Ocean Quest

"I am so pleased that someone has produced a proper nautical navigation program for OSX. After 15 minutes with the demo, I bought it immediately. It is an elegant application that works very well and is completely stable."


"I purchased your program last September (after our sailing season in Michigan was over), but have been keeping up with your updates. Last weekend, I was able to use the program in 'real life' for the first time, in a delivery trip of about 90 nautical miles. I admire it as an excellent program."


"Thank you SO much for all your assistance, which is greatly appreciated. If only all customer service was this good."


"Just got back from sailing in the Caribbean for about 2 months. Used GPSNavX™ as my main navigation tool and it worked great. Very happy with the program."


"What a tremendous improvement you have made in the past ten months...congratulations on a mac nav product that is really professional..

I like so many of your ideas..I love the transparency property for the open windows over the chart..

Thats a huge help in trying to manage screen space..

I also really appreciate being able to resize the GPS window so I can make the LAT/LON numbers as big as I want.."


"First of all, let me thank you for a fine OSX native nav program. I'm a long time Mac navigator. I've been using NavimaQ since it's introduction in 1996 and was very disappointed when they discontinued development."


"I recently used GPSNavX™ on a trip from the British Virgin Islands (BVI) to Portland Maine with a stop in Bermuda. Your product worked flawlessly. This customer is extremely pleased with your product and the ongoing support that you provide. Keep up the good work."


"Congratulations. GPSNavX™ is working fine. I was sailing all the past month over the whole med and now it is a great navigation software. I am planning an atlantic trip to Saint Lucia for this november. Using GPSNavX™ of course."


"Your interface is much cleaner and easier to use than MacGPS Pro, which I just bought the other day, before I saw your software."


"A student at our institute has purchased MacGPSPro recently, but is disappointed and has preferred your software when he tried the demo."


"Just want to let you know that I really appreciate your latest release. I used your software for a short trip recently and it was a big hit with my crew. It just keeps getting easier to use. Thanks."


"I really like what GPSNavX™ is, at it's heart. The way it displays charts and the very 'Mac-Like' interface are heads and tails above any PC navigation programs out there that I have used, and I've used a number of them."


"I was so impressed with your software -- now that we've had a chance to try it over several weekends -- that I decided to run a review with our book reviews in our next newsletter for subscribers. That one will be out in December."


"Just want to mention that I purchased a boat in Canada and moved if from Toronto to Annapolis, MD last month. Although we had backup paper charts, etc., this software was simply amazing. When we had our hands full, it was great to take a quick look at the computer and know where we were and how much maneuvering room we had. My friend has a PC version of this type of software. I do not know how many times I have been with him when the machine locked up and he had to reboot or, worse yet, reload the software. You make a great product - it simply does what one expects it to do!"


"Just want to thank you guys for one hell of a great bit of software!"


"Am pleased to announce the set up worked perfectly sailing yesterday off east Vancouver Island ( Victoria, BC);
GPSNavX, MR-350 and iBook using NDI Charts!"


"By the way you have the best support on the planet. thanks again"


"By the way I just finished trying out NavimaQ, your competition, well it is really no competition. It is worthless compared to your product."