Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts

[command] [F] Fit chart in window
[command] [I] Open Instruments window
[command] [G] Open GPS panel
[command] [L] View fine lines
[command] [O] Open the Chart List dialog
[command] [R] Open the Route window
[command] [T] Open the Track window
[+] Zoom in on chart
[-] Zoom out on chart
[command] [drag] Measure distance and bearing on chart from a specific origin (when Mode is measure)
[option] [drag] Measure distance and bearing on Chart window from the selected waypoint in the Waypoint window (when Mode is measure)
[shift] drag Measure distance and reciprocal bearing on Chart window (when Mode is measure)
[double-click] on the chart Zoom and Pan (when Mode is zoom, drag or annotate)
Create a waypoint (when Mode is measure or waypoint move)
[command] [double-click] on the chart Create a new waypoint and add it to the selected route (when Mode is measure or waypoint move)
[command] [double-click] on a waypoint name on the chart Add the waypoint to the selected route
[command] [click] on the chart Select the specific corresponding track record in the Track window, waypoint in the Waypoint window, or the vessel in the AIS/Radar panel. The addition of [shift] will specify the range of track records in the Track window
[option] [click] on the chart Center chart to selected position
[control] [click] on the chart Open context menu
[space bar] Hold it down to select drag chart mode. Release it to return to the previous Mode
[esc] Cancel current zoom selection