Download GPSNavX

Where do you get GPSNavX?
GPSNavX is in the Mac App Store.

What charts does GPSNavX support?
GPSNavX supports SoftChart raster and Maptech BSB 1.0 – 5.0 raster (RNC) charts. The app also comes with a small-scale world-map included.

How much storage space do the marine charts and maps take?
Depends on how many charts and maps have been downloaded. Individual charts and maps can be deleted. Typical chart or map takes under 1 MB of storage.

How much are GPSNavX updates?
No additional charge and all GPSNavX updates will arrive via the app store.

How does GPSNavX compare with the MacENC or INavX feature set?
Comparison Table

Does GPSNavX support AIS receivers and transponders?
Yes via TCP/IP. Targets are plotted on the chart with real-world scaling.

I don’t have an AIS receiver or transponder, is there another way to get AIS data into iNavX?
Yes, in selected locals the SiiTech AIS server can be used. The SiiTech AIS server provides AIS targets within 30 NM of device positionor any selected waypoint.

Is there a user’s guide for GPSNavX?
Yes here: Help

Is there a tutorial for GPSNavX?
Yes here: Tutorial

Is there a user’s forum for GPSNavX?
Yes here: Forum

Is there a trial or demo version of GPSNavX?
No. Apple’s official policy is not to allow trial or demo versions of apps.

What languages is GPSNavX localized in?
English and French