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Chart Compatibility
SoftChart raster XX
Maptech BSB 1.0 - 5.0 raster (RNC) XXX
S-57/S-63 vector (ENC) X
Navionics from X-Traverse vector XX
World Chart Included (small scale) XXX
Interface Compatibility
Autopilot XXX
Instruments (Depth, Speed, Compass, Wind) XXX
AIS receiver XXX
AIS transponder XX
Multiple NMEA input/output ports including multiplexer, USB and Bluetooth support XX
NMEA via TCP/IP or UDP/IP (Client and Server) XX
NMEA 2000 input XX
Data Integration
GPS upload XX
GPS download XX
GPX import/export XXX
Google Earth KML/KMZ import/export XXX
GRIB weather overlay XXX
Tides and Currents (Worldwide coverage) XXX
General Features
Seamless quilted display XX
Course up display XX
Automatically load charts XXX
Searchable navaid database XX
Great Circle routing XXX
True and Magnetic bearings XXX
SailTimer performance routing X
Trip log XXX
Distance and Bearing tool XXX
Velocity vector XXX
Dead Reckoning and GPS simulation XX
Alarms XXX
Position Transponder (via email) XX
Chart printing XXX
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Updates Included Included Included
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Localizations English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish English, French English, French