The professional solution for any mariner who wants real-time marine navigation and charting on their Mac

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  • x-traverse
  • google-earth
  • inavx-ipad


--- Mac Navigation just got much better! ---

A very affordable solution for the boater that wants to take the Mac aboard for real-time display of position on full color marine raster format BSB and Softcharts. Plug your GPS into your Mac and watch as your boat moves along in real-time, plotting a track behind the boat and logging your historic position on a digital chart.

GPSNavX™ is right at home for planning trips and charting new destinations. A GPS is not required to work with charts. GPSNavX™ includes a small scale world marine chart and detailed marine charts are available separately from many sources (including the ** Free ** NOAA high resolution). In addition to real-time chart plotting, GPSNavX™ supports waypoints & routes including KML (Google Earth) and GPX import/export, track log, measuring bearing/distance, GRIB weather forecast, tides/currents, AIS and anchor alarm.

The Quartz Difference

Raster & Vector Charts Compared


"Not only do you have an outstanding product but your service is second to none!"


"You guys are awesome. This chart software is second to none, beats the pants off the other one I got frustrated using on my boat... GPSNavX is the right stuff. Thanks for making my day."


"Just a brief note to thank you once again for the great GPSNavX program. Been using it all the way down the coast from SF. The AIS feature was worth its weight in gold as we were leaving the Bay Area in the fog!"




  • SoftChart raster, Maptech BSB 1.0 - 5.0 raster (RNC), and World Chart.
  • Current position with velocity vector, waypoints, routes and track history are plotted.
  • Show charts at 500%, 200%, 100%, 75%, 50%, 33%, 25% and 12% with excellent clarity.
  • Charts may be displayed with day, dusk and night viewing intensity.
  • Routes can be saved and transferred to/from the GPS.


  • Realtime display of current LAT/LON (position), SOG (Speed over Ground), COG (Course over Ground), BTW (Bearing to Waypoint), DTW (Distance to Waypoint), VMG (Velocity Made Good), XTE (Cross Track Error), TTG (Time to Go) for waypoint and entire route.
  • GPS data can be repeated to another device such as control of an Autopilot.
  • Plot waypoints, routes, tracks and weather in Google Earth.


  • Log and plot historical position automatically at user selectable intervals including course, speed and instrument data.
  • Additional instrument data (Heading, Speed, Depth, Temperature, Wind Angle and Windspeed) is also displayed.
  • While GPSNavX™ is an extremely simply and flexible application, users who like to experiment with additional features can easily create scripts to further enhance usage.


  • Using readily available and free GRIB weather forecast files, wind speed, wind direction, wave height, wave direction, current, pressure, precipitation rate, air and sea temperature are plotted on the chart.
  • Click on the chart to bring up Mr. Tides to the nearest station.
  • Alarms available for Anchor drag, Waypoint arrival, Cross Track error and AIS/Radar vessel proximity.
  • Automatic Identification System




  • ONE MOBILE APP with hundreds of features and access to thousands of charts
  • The power of a color chartplotter for a fraction of the cost
  • Real-time display of position on full color marine raster charts
  • Real-time and simulated display of all GPS and instruments data
  • Real-time Navigation on Marine Charts
  • Full suite of downloadable marine charts
  • Waypoint selection, creation and editing
  • Route editing and track log using waypoints
  • Anchor alarm
  • Marina and Navaid Search
  • AIS Targets plotted on chart
  • GRIB Weather and forecast integration


  • Marine navigation and charting for Mac
  • Real-time display of position on full color marine raster charts
  • Quartz Technology to display charts in sharpest possible way
  • Real-time and simulated display of all GPS and instruments data
  • Real-time navigation on marine charts
  • Full suite of downloadable marine charts
  • Waypoint selection, creation and editing
  • Route editing and track log using waypoints
  • Connect to AIS system or Radar and “see” local vessel traffic
  • Tides and current information via Mr. Tides
  • GRIB weather and forecast integration
  • Built-in alarms for anchor drag, waypoint arrival, cross track error and AIS/Radar vessel proximity
  • Export waypoints, routes and tracks to Google Earth


  • Professional solution for the mariner that wants to take their Mac aboard for real-time navigation
  • Vector format S-57/S-63 ENCs (Electronic Navigational Charts)
  • Navionics Charts and HotMaps from X-Traverse and … Raster format BSB and Softcharts
  • all the features of GPSNavX PLUS …
  • Seamless quilted Vector or Raster chart scrolls to keep current position centered
  • Show charts at scales between 1:5,000 and 1:20,000,000
  • SailTimer™ tacking calculations to navigate and track to optimum sailing course
  • Send (TCP) and receive (TCP or UDP) NMEA data over wifi
  • Compatible with any GPS that transmits NMEA data


  • practical-sailor
  • praktiskt-batagande
  • yatching
  • sailing-magazine
  • boat-digest
  • latitudes-attitutes
  • good-old-boat
  • cruising-world



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